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Readers, this is my last post on this blog and I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice comments that everyone gave me.  I will still be answering comments so you can keep commenting on this blog.

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“If a teenager does the same crime as an adult, he or she should have the same punishment”.

I strongly disagree with this statement because they’re too young to get the same punishment and it will be too much for them to handle and make them do easy jobs like community service.


Image: gavel by bloomsberries

Track Jamboree

Last week,our school and 2 other schools participated in a track and field jamboree.  It was just a friendly meet but you still got stickers telling you what place you got in the events.  I got a fourth in the 200 metre sprint, a fith in the 100 metre sprint, and a sixth in hurdles.  We were there for the whole day and the best part is that we got to miss school (yay!).  The really cool part is that when it wasn’t your to up to an event, there were other little mini games going on so you had something constantly and you weren’t just sitting around and doing nothing.  If you would like a complete slideshow of our class at the track meet, click here.


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If you want to see the actual Glog, click here.

Our class has been assigned to build “digital posters” called Glogs.  These glogs have to be about a certain book that you read.  You also have to talk about the main character and their adversities and how they deal with the adversities.  This is my Glog and I hope you enjoy it!

Is A Seed A Living Thing?

We have been learning about life in science and we have been discussing whether a seed a living thing or not.  There are five questions that have to be answered right in order for it to be a living thing.  These are the questions:

  • Can it grow and develop?
  • Can it reproduce to make more of its kind?
  • Can it make or get food?
  • Can it use food?
  • Can it sense and react to its surroundings?

Can it grow and develop? A seed will not be able to grow without help from someone else unless if it is outside in the dirt.

Can it reproduce to make more of its kind? A seed will not be able to reproduce until it is fully grown into a plant.

Can it make or get food? The seed will not be able to make or get food unless someone else feeds it.

Can it use food?  Yes it will be able to use food once it gets some.

Can it sense and react to its surroundings? The seed will only react to it’s surroundings if it’s in the right environment.

Overall, I don’t think it’s a living thing and these things I wrote here are my reasons.  What do you think?  Do you think a seed is a living thing?  leav a comment and tell me.

Earth Day Poem

As I walk through an enchanted forest

I feel a light breeze tickle my cheeks

as the trees sway in the breeze

they groan from all the strain.

The birds are chirping

and the pine needles are falling

and a bee is buzzing.

When I look up, I see the sun peaking through the trees

and then its rays light up everything around me

from a nurse tree to moss covered rocks.

I love to look at all these things

As I walk through an enchanted forest.


Forest Carpet by Fiona MacGinty.


Image: Forest Carpet by Fiona Macginty


Delaware Vs Robert Morris by MonsterPhotoISO. Hi everybody,  this post I’m doing is about lacrosse.  I have just started playing lacrosse and it is very fun but dangerous because you are allowed to cross-check, slash and body-check.  And the weird things is that you only get protection from the waist up if you are a player.  If you are a goalie (which I’m trying right now) you have protection on you everywhere but don’t turn around when you are a goalie because you have no protection on your back side.  I got very luvky when it came to choosing a number because I happened to get my lucky number.  Lacrosse is fun and all but the bad thing about lacrosse is that there are no other teams close to where we areso we have to travel out of town to play other people.  Other than that, it’s a very fun sport.

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Image by MonsterPhotoISO.


Here is Angie on the day my dad brought her home.  She is only 2 months old.

Here is Angie on the day my dad brought her home. She is only 2 months old.

Hi everybody, today I’m going to tell you a story about my other dog that I had.  Her name was Angie and she was a Golden Retriever crossed with a Yellow Lab.  The day she came home was the happiest day of my life.  I was downstairs watching T.V. with my brother and my mom when the door opened and I heard small little feet running down the stairs.  I ran to see what it was and sitting at the bottom of the stairs was Angie.  I collapsed onto the floor and she ran up on me and started licking my face.  It was the happiest day of my life.

When Angie was a little bit older, we moved to Vancouver Island.  But shortly after we moved, we noticed that whenever she walked, she would start crying and whimpering.  We didn’t know what to do so we took here to the vet and the vet said that she had Hip Dysplasia, a type of disease in the hip area that makes impossible to walk.  We learned that it was the breeder’s fault and the whole litter got it as well.  We only had two  choices to make.  We  put her down or we let her suffer like this for the rest of her life.  It was a very hard choice and we had to think it over.  One day after I came back home from school, I walked in the front door and my mom and brother were sitting on the couch but Angie was nowhere to be found.  I asked my mom where Angie was and my mom said to come and sit beside her.  My mom told me with tears in here eyes and sadness in her voice that she had put Angie down.  For those five seconds my life stopped and I was silent.  Then I put my head in my mom’s lap and started to cry and cry and cry.  That was the saddest day in my life and I will never forget it.  The saddest part is that she was only eight months old when we put her down.

Now we have a new dog to replace her but she will always be my favorite dog.  Leave a comment if you have had something like this happen to you before.

One of the only pictures that I have of me and Angie together.

One of the only pictures that I have of me and Angie together.

Hockey Poem

Street HockeyHockey is a sport that is very rough,
If you want to play it you have to be tough,
Whether its played in the road or out on the ice,
Not everybody that plays the game is nice,
Sometimes you play in your town and sometimes in another,
Whether its for you, your sister or your brother,
Hockey played around the world is the same,
And the cool part is that it’s Canada’s game!




A Very Bad Accident

The accident in this story that I’m about to tell you was the worst injury I’ve ever had:

When I was four years old, I went skating with my mom on a Sunday at the arena in Cranbrook.   My skate lace came undone and my mom skated me to the bench’s on the side of the rink.  My mom opened the door and  that is when I saw this hole where the spring was outstretched.  I stuck my finger in this hole and then my mom slammed the door shut.  The spring ripped  my fingernail off of my finger.  My mom rushed me to the hospital and then the doctors stitched my finger immediately.  I was crying a lot, but in the end, because I was so good, the doctor gave my a whole bunch of hockey cards. This  was my worst injury so far.


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